Latest news on the Restoration of 1795

March 2011


Well there is lots of goings on in different locations. Yesterday we had a great days work on the loco at Middleton. I wont write about that now as we have another day planned this week, and it will be nice to write that all up in one go.


However much work has been going on at the owners workshop. The fabrication of the cab has started after lots of planning and ordering of materials. The cab floor has been cut, the back plate made along with the cab sides and the two bunkers cut and rolled. A new pattern has also been made for the eccentric that had previously broken.


All these bits will now move to the loco and assembly will start. Below are a couple of photos of the bits and pieces.

Shafts_018_Web Manning_Sheet_007_Web Manning_Sheet_010_Web

Above: Bunker side rolled to shape.


Above Right: Firemans side upper cab sheet.


Right:    Broken eccentric and new pattern.

1 2 DSC05028 DSC05024 DSC05012

19th March 2011


Lots of work carried out today. Work focused on making the floor, and starting the cab. The cab floor is made of 4 parts, welded together and placed on the loco. This was then bolted down by Andy and Jon (see photo). The handbrake stand also holds down the floor, so this was affixed at the same time.


The next job was to fix the cab back. This was built at the owners workshop and delivered to the railway on a trailer. This was lifted into place by several willing volunteers, clamped and bolted into position. Next came fitting of the handrails. These were measured and fitted to the floor and to the top of the cab back plate. As if this wasn't enough, we decided to fit the two cab steps. All in all, a very production day!

22th March 2011


With such good weather in Leeds today it would have been a shame to not get some work done.


First job of the day was to clean down the inside of the frames ready for painting into top coat red. Once this was complete Andy and Alex began painting red top coat. Its quite tight for space underneath and the lack of a pit does not make painting easy.


Work then turned to reasembeling the hand brake assembly followed by cleaning and priming the new cab back and handrails.


To improve the general apperance we also cleaned and painted the smokebox, hopefully this will turn black sometime soon.


To give us a taste of how things will look in the future, we have painted one of the sandboxes into NCB Yorkshire area red, with black edging and yellow lining. We think it looks rather nice!


The last photo below shows the loco at the end of play today.

IMG00046-20110606-1959 IMG00044-20110606-1053 IMG00045-20110606-1544


6th June 2011


Its starting to look like a loco again!

Today saw the cab come togehter. Over the last few months all of the individual parts for the cab have been fabricated and delievered to the railway. Over the course of a few hours, the side sheets were lifted and bolted on (bottom left) the small back sheet and handrails/supports (bottom right) and finally the spectacle plate.  This was all drilled and bolted up along with thefiremans side running plates. We couldn't resist bolting the chimney on too!

2012 - Lack of Progress!


Well after this the day job rather took over and progress was slow. There were access issues at Moor Road and a number of parts were stolen by the scrap theives. It was decided to move the loco to a new home. See Above:

Stop Press! The restoration news has now been moved to:


June 2012


Loco is moved to the Barrow Hill Roundhouse at Staveley near Chesterfield in Derbyshire. It takes its place inside with the other locos round the turntable and restoration can once again start in ernest. Pictures below of loco being loaded and round the turntable:

P1010041 copy P1010029 copy P1010057 copy